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SMARTer TV: Let your smartTV and smartphone get in touch

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Android is becoming quite a phenomenon in the connected devices space, not only due to its rapid market share growth in smartphones, but also due to its quick expansion to other markets such as tablets, consumer electronics (CE) devices  as well as In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI).

The ecosystem is not without issues though: with some quite significant IPR turmoil the uncertainty brought by a major Android OEM acquisition and with only a few Android OEMS being successfully profitable.

The very Android flavored CES 2012 event is just behind us with multiple Android tablets and smartphones announced, and with a strong Google TV presence and multiple CE OEMs announcing products based on the platform, alongside their own proprietary SmartTV products, looking forward to improve the weak market presence of Google TV’s first generation products.

Powered by Android 3.1, the 2.0 version of Google TV brings access to the Android Market and 3rd party applications as well as a more capable browsing and a more polished UX.  The platform is facing resistance from the major content provider companies though, as well as through competition from established products.

Industry studies show that the smart TV market will see a significant growth during 2012 estimating 53 Million units shipped (double the shipment than in 2011) and continued growth during 2013 and 2014, though many voices see the market not quite ripe, citing consumer disinterest, lack of exciting technology and go to market strategies, so there is room for innovation and disruption such as solutions for future proofing the smart TV with upcoming features.

In this context, Tieto in collaboration with Idean is demonstrating its Smart-er TV concept during Mobile World Congress 2012. This concept comes with seamless integration of SmartTV and smartphones, not only extending the TV experience into a second screen but also introducing innovative use cases based on NFC. Users can control the TV using gestures in their smartphone and – thanks to NFC – request additional content related to the program shown in the TV.

Learn more about Tieto’s Smart-er TV concept and see our demo during the MWC 2012 in Barcelona in our stand F25 in Hall 1!

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    Sounds great! Androids are amazing, I have a smartphone and I wouldn’t change it for any other phone, and if I can watch tv on it then even better. I think nothings tops an actual tv though. Anyway, great post.