Karin Widlund

Tieto’s Bankdagen to take place on Wednesday May 30

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 The bank in your pocket – what role will the bank play in the new, mobile society?

Today, May 30, Tieto’s annual event for the banking and finance industry – Bankdagen (http://www NULL.tieto – takes place. This year the theme is new and steaming hot – we will be focussing on mobile payments i.e. payment with your mobile phone. The banks, the retail industry, the telecom operators, entrepreneurs – we have them all under the same roof. The audience will be treated to an afternoon with top class speakers all representing different actors and different solutions. After the event the audience will have a good understanding of the landscape, the players, business models and trends in this area, and what this might mean to traditional banks.

2012 seems to be the year when it is really happening – several new mobile payment services are being introduced to the market this very minute. Traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards are challenged by solutions that make it quick and easy to pay with your mobile. The evidence suggests that both technology and market is now ready. According to a survey conducted by Telia Trends (http://nyheter NULL.telia in late 2011, more than 48 percent of the participants states that they will use mobile phones for payments within two years. The Swedish telephone operators and application developers like Seamless (http://seamless, iZettle (https://www NULL.izettle and Payzone (http://payzone are some of the actors aiming for the goal to take care of the future cash flows. Banks are faced with rapid change.

If you were not able to attend the event all the presentations will be available at (http://www NULL.tieto some days after the event. Check them out!


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